Transfer of currency from Coinbase Exchange to Coinbase wallet cannot be classed as internal

I used Coinbase Wallet’s transfer feature to move some MATIC from my Coinbase Exchange account to my Coinbase Wallet which should be classed as ‘Internal’ and therefore not be counted as profit.

The problem is the transaction in Accointing shows as leaving CB exchange with ‘Unknown receiver’ and arriving in CB wallet with ‘Unknown/Other’. Attempting to select the correct sender and receiver in the Accointing app results in a connection error and the changes remaining unsaved. Attempting to classify these transactions as ‘Internal’ on Accointing in the browser does not work as the option is unavailable.

I am able to mark this as internal just find.
Can you add some photos of your issue?
This normally shows up on the Review page.

Hi Matt, sorry for the late reply! I deleted and reimported my wallets and exchanges and that seemed to fix the problem and Accointing suggested the transactions as internal.

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I’m glad it worked out for you! We do have plans to make internal transactions easier in the future.

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