Transfer between spouses


How do I classify a transfer between spouses…ie. non taxable disposal?


Was it a gift or a payment? If it was a gift, it is a non-taxable event.

It’s a gift…I know it’s non taxable but how should I classify it to achieve non-taxable status? If I classify it as a gift sent in the program, it shows as taxable event…should there not be a separate classification for a Gift between Spouses to rate it non-taxable?

classify it as gift sent

So…why does my report for last tax year show all gift sent classifications as taxable events?

Also the date on the second balance total (obscured) should read 2021…

OK…no reply…so I tested it again myself. If I transfer BTC using gift sent, it is calculated as a capital gain. So, I have entered it as “Remove Funds” and added a note that it is a transfer to spouse…that way, it doesn’t show as a taxable event. Seems I’ve solved it myself…

I’m interested in learning supports perspective on this. I have a number of transfers this year as gifts and want to make sure tax implications are being handled properly

Yes…strange they have decided to furnish no further reply. “Gift Sent” within the program definitely doesn’t produce a non-taxable entry. I previously used the Koinly program where they have a separate classification for gifts between spouses which produce non-taxable entries, so I believe that’s what the solution is here. I prefer this program overall but I do wish they would grasp these annoying little glitches and sort them out. As I said, I have found a work around which seems to produce the correct tax outcome…but I shouldn’t really have to. It’s not as if its an uncommon occurrence…regular inter-spouse gifts are made surely to maximise capital gains tax allowances!..

Apologies for the late reply. We will be taking a closer look at this and get back to you with a concrete and actionable response.

Thanks Rod…good to hear

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You can find everything regarding tax classifications here. For Gift sent, its a taxable disposal unless it goes to your spouse, if thats the case please classify it as remove funds.

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Thank you…that confirms that my work around is sanctioned as correct within the program

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When I provide my Accointing tax report to my accountant, I provide a digital copy of the report, as produced by the program. Having established that gifts between spouses need to be entered as Remove Funds in the program, it’s not annotated as such on the report. If we had a “Gift to Spouse” category in Accointing which created a Not Taxable Event, it would be clear on the report to my accountant where the funds went. Instead, I’m going to have to provide an explanation in writing each time. Please insert a Gift to Spouse category which is printed out as such on tax reports…

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Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

Can you create a feature request for a separate classification for gifts sent to gift to your spouse or civil partner, include gifts to charities as well. This seems to be a UK Tax Law only thing.