Transaction History gone

Hello again, support team
I just write another post about the update synch problem. But, I have found another error.

I had also noticed that Transaction History is gone. Instead, I get this message “Go back and add first transaction”
After I’ve seen this problem I make an update, which was not solving it, so I delete it and reintroduce it from the capo. For a short period, I was able to read the Transaction History but have disappeared again from all of the indexes except one, that is from MetaMask.
For some of the indexes, I have to introduce the transactions manually, which is a tedious task prone to errors.
The Exchanges affected are Binance and Coinbase
The Wallet affected is Exodus

Until recently everything was working fine but this happens in the last one, two weeks.

Thank you for your help.

Please try to keep it all in one post.

Can you send a screenshot when you click the full data set: