Transaction details on Classify Transfers page


It would be great if there were transaction details (eg a link to the transaction on etherscan or equiavalent) on this page

This information is available on


Two more quick things on this page…

  1. is there a reason why you can’t classify transactions as “internal”?

  2. there seems to be a bug where if you select one row not all rows can be selected with it:

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I have the same question. The Classifications page talks about Internal in the top pane, but it’s grayed out and there is no option for Internal in the Classification dropdown.


Hey guys! You categorize internal transactions in the Review Page:

There are two issues here.

The first was to provide links to etherscan from the classify transactions page.

I think this is a very important feature to add.


you have it in the Full Data Set:

Yes, should I create a new post to request it in the classify transfers page?

Obviously this is not a good workflow:

  1. Go to classify transfers
  2. See the transfer you want to classify but don’t know what it is
  3. Open full data set in a new tab
  4. Find that transfer by paginating, filter by date, etc
  5. Go to the transaction on etherscan from full data set
  6. Figure out what it is
  7. Go back to classify transactions tab and classify.

The link to etherscan should be on the classify view as well otherwise you’re searching for the transaction on full data view for every transaction you need to classify.

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I understand where you are coming from. There’s a new flow currently in development, but it’s still in prototype. Hopefully, we will be able to push it out soon.


Great great Suggestion, i totally had the same idea!