Transaction between an automated and a manual account cannot be correctly edited

When this kind of transaction happens, of course, the automated account categorized it as coming from an unknown sender. Unfortunately, but no so much, the edit function does not allow the user to make the unknown known by letting him substitute where the funds are coming from.
At the moment the best trick I could find is to create the transaction also on the manual account and then having the balance fixed by the automatic fixing problem. Please, just create a field to edit the sender so that the relative transaction will be created on the manual account as well.

Honestly, just one drop on the absurdity I’ve been seeing in those few days of usage. It seems like the developers have never seen an accounting, well-done program. Sorry about that, you are still the best one in a sea of nothing.

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No unknown sender issue in your reference.
In fact, it should not be a cause for troubleshooting at all.
Just give the chance to edit the sender. Why making it over-complicated or over-automated when, clearly, there is not yet such a possibility because of the different methodology used by the exchanges?

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