Transaction appears to be wallet sending BTC to itself

This one has me very confused. I have a number of transactions like this, where I’ve apparently sent some BTC from one account to my Binance exchange account. But the sender address is the address for the Binance account that is receiving the BTC. This transaction appears to show my “Binance Trading” account sending BTC to itself. “Binance Trading” and 1LxENM… are the same account.

Setting the transaction to ignore causes tons of problems balancing transactions after it, so apparently it needs to be there. This is what the transaction looks like in Binance:

You can see the destination in Binance is the same address as the origin in Accointing. What is happening here?

OK, at least in this case, this is how Accointing is showing a purchase of BTC on Binance using fiat through Simplex, all in a single transaction.

Confirmed, these match up with my bank statements.

I’ve now marked these as “Add Funds”.

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I am glad that you were able to figure it out, thank you!

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