Track staking rewards for Cardano

" Could you consider adding a staking rewards tracker for Cardano?

The rewards are issued every five days and the staking keys can be found on sites such as

Here is an example from browsing to a stake pool, then select delegators and then open the one applicable to yourself.

This would be really useful as manually updating entries every five days can be time consuming and problematic.

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This would be very helpful


A working Daedalus integration would also help


Hey @muksell and @Mischa! Let’s hope we get some votes for this so we can prioritize it in development.


I cast my Votes for bsc and avalanche. I don’t know when I will get more votes, but this would be my third choice.

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I am also looking for this integration. That would be great to have,

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Got my vote whenever they give me more :100:

I am also looking for this integration. Thanks for your support~

Please integrate the Rewards wallets, currently adding coins manually. :pensive:

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