Track Binance Earn wallet

Assets on Binance Earn wallet are not synced.

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I have the same issue. Currently just the Spot wallet is tracked via the API.

Would be great if the Binance Earn Wallet and the assets that are currently staked (via Staking, Launchpool and Staking) could be tracked as well.


Same for me!
So vote this up :wink:


Agreed, but also for other exchange earn wallets such as KuCoin


I would like to have this feature too!

Me too! Chrrently Flexible stacking are synced while Fixed stacking do not sync. (binance)

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Yep, same issue here, “Flexible” products sync fine, “Fixed” don’t, and nor do “Liquid Swaps”.

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for every one who want to have this implemented, write a request to binance support team.
I raised this issue yesterday with binance and got following answer:

“We understand your concern. Currently, there hasn’t an endpoint that could query the staking history. We have recorded this issue and forward it to the tech team. You could also send this request to, once it will be approved and implemented in the future, then you can see it in our updates.”

So everyone who want to have this function should write an email to the product team and make this a high priority :wink:


Emailed. Good shout.

Emailed to. Let’s get this :slight_smile:

have you guys heard anything back from Binance about this? I also emailed them but nothing back …

nope, i did not got an answer to my mail.

I have got at least 75% of my crypto in the Earn section of Binance, because I’m using their Saving or Staking products. It would be awesome if that amount could be represented in the Binance wallet in my Accointing portfolio too, because without it, it makes Accointing useless to me.

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Hi @jop , what I have noticed is that the cryptos I have in binance variable savings shows up in accounting with the up to date values, how’ve the cryptos in binance fixed don’t show up.

Emailed, no answer so far.

Same for me, It would become so much easier to track our profits and losses then.