Total Initial Investment amount by coin

Hello. It would be nice to be able to see the inital amount invested for each unsold coin in my wallets.

Technically I can calculate the amount by using the “Average Purchase Price” X Number of coins owned. But it would be nice if this is already done for us, especially when you own dozens of different ones since this will take a long time.

I agree. Other wealth management tooling outside crypto have very easy to view total p/l. It would be great to maybe even see this in the portfolio graph as two separate lines. one for amount invested, and another overlay that is the current worth.

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You can add that as a feature request here: Web App - Accointing Community Board

I thought that the purpose of the post was for that. Can you add the request on my behalf?

Hey @medardo I switched the category of your post to a feature request.
Thank you for your idea! works based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.