Total failure of (nearly) all Stellar Blockchain imports (incl. XLM) caused by unsolicited airdrops of microcap coins

Accointing currently covers only a very small portion of the non-XLM tokens on the Stellar blockchain. On top of that, the Stellar/XLM blockchain import is not programmed to be fault-tolerant, so that even a single transaction with a non-XLM token causes the entire import of the Stellar account in question to fail. A temporary fix could be to ignore (along the lines of Koinly) the tokens not yet supported by Accointing during import and issue a warning message.
Under these circumstances, the existing Accointing Policy of generally supporting only CoinMarketCap listed tokens is no longer acceptable for tokens on the Stellar Blockchain.

The current staffing level in support and especially in development does not seem to be sufficient anymore to meet the requirements resulting from the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies.
There is no other explanation for the fact that Accointing customers are not offered an adequate SLA even for the top 100 coins by market capitalization.

Since Accointing is not keeping pace with its competitors on this point, management is called upon here. This ticket is therefore addressed to the Head of Development and I am deliberately keeping it free of technical details.

The “New Assets and Trustlines” chart from Stellar Expert is a great way to show the management the sharp increase in the number of Stellar tokens in March/April.

New Assets and Trustlines

Thank you for the update, I will add it to the bug report of the yXLM issue.

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To give Accointing Management an idea of how much the Accointing App is lagging behind the competition, here is a screenshot showing how elegantly Koinly handles the flood of new tokens on the Stellar Blockchain.

All Accointing has to offer in that case is the vacuous error message “Something went wrong.”
Koinly imports the transactions, Accointing doesn’t even import the XLM transactions.

For the test I used the following Stellar account:

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Thank you for the following information, I will be sure to share with the others :slight_smile: Much appreciated @tomlog !