Token missing / add Token Request

Hi Accointing Team,

I´m missing the fantom chain, already voted for it to be added, but didn’t happen a lot past time concering it. I’m sure you got a lot of work to do already, so that’s ok. Jsut an additional request when it’s time for FANTOM Chain to be added, can the following coin please be added, too:

…and while Fantom Chain would be great and helpful to be added, add please the following Token on that chain:

Hector Dao

Contract address:


Link on Coinmarketcap:

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Georgios Tarnanidis

Coins that are on CoinMarketCap are now automatically added to the database, a day or 2 after CMC adds it to their database :slight_smile:
Please see the review tab and see if you can sync your coins :slight_smile:

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If that works, that would be great ! Thank you!