Toggle Row Expand / Collapse Not Working - Part 3

A repeat of bug that “has already been fixed”…

Not sure which accointing system is being used by the team to show a solution but this auto expanding transaction bug was NOT fixed on the 21st Feb as explained by Accointing.

A bug may have been fixed that allows expansion or collapse but this auto expand is annoying when trying to work through hundreds of transactions to find and fix errors in each wallet / exchange.
The expanded view has uses in specific cases but not for general reviewing of a source.

All wallets still auto expand. When will this bug (or purposeful change) noted in Part 2 below be fixed?

There should be a button that allows expand all or collapse all.

In the top right here, please select to toggle the expansion of all or none. Or you can do them individually

Great! Thanks! Very easy to miss on the page but your circle helped :grin:

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Sorry that I did not originally make it more obvious in the other posts. :slight_smile:

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