Toggle Row Expand / Collapse Not Working - Part 2


This follows from this post, which seems to still be a problem as of the last few days.
Toggle Row Expand / Collapse Not Working

I have a number of wallets and some of them are opening from the wallet page as with all transactions fully expanded by default. If they are collapsed manually and a change is made then ALL the transactions expand again. This is extremely irritating.

It is not all exchanges. Some are fine, others not. For example Binance and Nexo are OK but others like Binance smart chain, Metamask, Exodus, and many others are not.

Having everything expanded as a default is extremely irritating when having to check and fix / correct issues or manually add / duplicate transactions.

How do I force all wallet to default to the collapsed view?
Please can someone help with this bug?

Thank you!!

This is a big UX issue, it hard to keep track about transactions if you show them all expanded. Please add two buttons to easily collapse/expand all rows.

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The Accointing wallets NEVER used to do this and I’ve been using Accointing for 2 years now.

It seems to be related to any transaction that has anything extra added such as transactions or fees etc. If you delete that it auto collapses as there is nothing extra to show.

It really needs to be sorted out please.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Any update on this bug? It’s infuriating to try and correct errors.

I will DM the dev and see where we are at :slight_smile:

OK. Thank you. Look forward to this getting sorted.

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I just got word that they are working on this issue right now.