Time Error with CSV Upload

there is a Timezone bug when you upload a CSV.

Wallet Trx:
deposit 22.12.2021 22:01:01
CSV Trx:
withdraw 22.12.2021 22:01:01

When i try to upload the csv betwen 22:01:01 and 23:01:01in both selection (UTC or UTC+1) accointing says there can’t be a trx in future.

Yes, we are aware of this error for Exodus CSV uploads and are currently working on it, would you be willing to send this CSV and tell us if it is Exodus or not?
If so please email us: support@accointing.com
In the email, please add the link to this post for context :slight_smile:

I don’t have exodus.
I have that problem on any auxiliary account (pur manuall).

We had another customer have the same issue and sent us their, so I will notify you when we have fixed the issue :slight_smile:

This issue has now been resolved, please try it again and let us know if you experience any more issues :slight_smile:
Thank you guys so much for your patience and for being a user of Accointing!

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