Things to watch out for, when moving coins around

As can be seen in my lengthy paragraph, in the 14th post of this topic above, that begins with the emboldened word “Internal:”, a proper definition of the phrase “an internal transaction” is more complex, and conditional on the context (which spreadsheet or web page, etc), than this straight forward definition presents, and as well, the proper way to represent such a "transaction is from one wallet or exchange to another, where you are the owner of both" is more complex and varied, and in some contexts uses other representations than transactions of Type or Classification (two distinct fields) “Internal”.

… and that my friend is a key manifestation of my remaining concerns here.

My remaining concerns here are NOT questions that might be answered by straight forward replies, but rather my remaining concerns here are that there are substantial but unnecessarily inconsistent, confused and conflicted details in the terminology and data fields and types used to represent various types and classifications of transactions, across the several representations (web forms, spreadsheets, etc) used to display and/or input such transactions.

This is not just a problem of needing better documentation (as I had first thought, above), but is a problem requiring some actual changes in the software.

Given that I am so far failing to even have this concern of mine heard, I am working under the assumption that my concerns will remain unanswered, eventually limiting the long term prospects for the success of this fine project.

Let me see if I understand. Our articles, spreadsheets, and web forms, etc are written by different people and different authors and therefore is showing a lack of uniformity on Accointing, especially when it comes to classification definitions.

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That’s a pretty good summary, yes.

I doubt it’s a big problem for long time or heavy users, but such inconsistencies of interface terms and details, and further inconsistencies in and sometimes complete absence of documentation, at the point of use, of some essential detail make it harder for newbies to get on board.

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I appreciate your feedback, I will let the appropriate people know your feedback so that they can be made aware, thank you :slight_smile:

Am I good to close this topic or would you like for it to take open for future people to read?

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I am OK with closing this topic, yes. Thanks for your considered replies.

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Thank you so much!!!

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