Theta Wallet

Theta is currently kind of booming, and I would appreciate that I can synchronise the official Theta Wallet:

Könnt ihr bitt einrichten, dass man das Theta wallet automatisch synchronisieren kann?

Hi @klimaschefski ,
kommt auf die Liste!
Wenn mehr gevoted wird können wir besser Priorisieren.

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Please provide a status on where Theta Token is on the roadmap. My self and other friends are evaluating Accointing and other solutions. The ability to synchronize wallet as well as record TFUEL earnings from staking Theta on Guardian Node and TFUEL Staking on Edge Node Pre-Elite is an important part of deciding which solution to go with.

Thank you

I am not sure where to vote but I am also contemplating to leave Accointing if they do not give perspective to cover Theta/Tfuel.

Dear support ,please i would like to have sync my csv information for THETA.
Is very challenging trying to upload each CSV just of each 7 days …Please integrate as soon as possible also with the option to add multiple wallets.Really appreciated.Thank you.