TGBP shows up as $0, how to peg it to a GBP manually?


TGBP shows up as $0 in the portfolio.

Obviously this is not correct but it may be the way data is pulled in from coinmarketcap?

How does one go about pegging TGBP it to GBP manually?

If the stablecoin shows up as $0 in the overall portfolio coin list, then I assume it is not counted in the overall portfolio balance?


So this is your issue:

I am not sure how much TGBP, but for now you could manually edit your transaction history to have it say your traded GBP instead.

At this time there is no way to sync the price of one coin to another.

Please vote here for a possible solution - Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies - #20

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Voted, Thanks.

If the stablecoin shows up as $0 in the overall portfolio coin list, then I assume it is not counted in the overall portfolio balance?

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Yes. This coin does not show up for the portfolio since it has not tracked value.
We are still in the progress of working on solutions for issues likes these.

Well right now this is still a mess.

In my portfolio TGBP is showing up as being bought for $1.56, which is impossible as the exchange rate has never been that high for years and even though the overall balance is showing up as $0 I have an unrealised profit now of 16.7% due to the current price of $1.34 which again is garbage.

Not being able to manually add missing currencies or manual tokens based on coin gecko for example is a series Achilles heel.

A question for @Matt . Following from this “no show” of TGBP in my portfolio what happens to the value of these coins in terms of my calculated Accointing balance?

So for example if I have 200 TGBP in my account but they are not recognised by Coinmarket cap and the balance is shown as $0 then is a total value of $0 added to my portfolio value?

If I wanted to know what my “actual” balance was would I just add in the missing amount of TGBP coins?

Example. TGBP = 200 but dollar value = 0 due to not being recognised by Coinmarket cap. Accointing calculated balance shows = GBP 1,000.
Does the GBP 1,000 exclude the TGBP value? And if yes, then my balance should actually be GBP 1,200?


What you could do is an OTC transaction to set the cost basis correctly.

Why it is showing up as $1.56 I believe is because that was the fair market price of the other coin in that order transaction, our software did an educated guess based off of the fair market price at the time for the other coins and applied it to your TGBP.

Thanks. I will look into this option however as some of the transactions are from APIs this may be tough.

The value of the GBP vs. the USD has not been 1.56 for more than 5 years. $1.56 into $1.37 is a 14% error, which is significant.

This feels like this topic links directly to this because it is directly related!

Yes, we are working on the manual adding of tokens :slight_smile:

It does not matter if the data is from an API because you are going to classify those as ignore so that you do not have a duplicate and replace it with the manual OTC transaction.

If you trade crypto for fiat, the cost basis will be manually set :slight_smile:

Yes but any manual transactions create huge amount of work.

In all honestly, to use Accointing effectively one has to pay fee for the service and then spend 40-60 hours per year fixing errors or creating manual work arounds…it is not fun

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Thank you for your feedback, hopefully as crypto is regulated and Accointing grows we can make everything more smooth :slight_smile:

Well until this functionality of adding coins manually is added to Accointing this is a major Achilles heal. As noted, it is not Accointing that has to faff about to try and get their taxes in order nor are they responsible.

This topic of manual coins additions is a long ongoing topic…

Yes, and we have had meetings and are working on some options.

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