TGBP shows up as $0, how to peg it to a GBP manually? Part 2

A follow on from a closed out topic without solution.

The last two posts were as follows:

What was the outcome of the meeting and what are these options noted two months ago in January?

Thank you.

Do an OTC transaction for TGBP:

  • If you would like to get help from another person in the community, please ask in our Discord.

  • If you would like to get support from an official member of the team, please create a ticket.

  • Wenn du Hilfe von einer anderen Person aus der Community erhalten möchtest, frage bitte in unserem Discord.

  • Wenn du Unterstützung von einem offiziellen Teammitglied erhalten möchtest, erstelle bitte ein Ticket.

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v1 of custom tokens is live!!! Go check it out!!!
Here is an example!


Now that we have laid the groundwork for this, we will be able to do more, thank you guys for sticking with us!

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