TFUEL & THETA token addresses are wrong/broken!

If I add my ETH wallet addresses that contain TFUEL & THETA, Accointing miscalculates the number of tokens in the wallet and the token prices, and even the token symbols. I think you used the wrong contract addresses for two major big-cap tokens. Is anyone doing QA there? Where is the support ticket system? Some of us still need a good tool for crypto taxes. I’ll need a refund. :weary:

Is your issue similar to this? SAFEMOONCASH shows a value in the wallet but not in my holdings
If so we already have a bug report out and are working on it.

Thank you for the response, Matt. This bug is not the same as the one you linked to.

The THETA and TFUEL ERC20 tokens are not being detected when I add an Ethereum wallet address containing these ERC20 tokens (or when I import the wallet address of my mobile THETA wallet). Accointing detects only one token even though I have both. The number of tokens is wrong. You can easily check the THETA blockchain explorer to check the difference. I have tried two wallet addresses both containing THETA and TFUEL and the result is the same.

I would like a refund but I do not see a way to initiate that. Please advise.

It looks like you are using the OLD contract address for THETA. You may not have even added TFUEL yet.


We get our data from CoinMarketCap, not the Contract address :slight_smile: However we might need to update the contract address for the metamask. I will inform our team, thank you for letting me know!



For a refund request, please email us and send a link to this post as well for context:

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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