Terra Wallet does not work

Dear team,
I have just created a Terra Wallet in Accointing (ios) and it tells me that I should paste the public address to automatically update the wallet. But in fact there is no field to paste an address into. It seems that the instructions don’t fit the actual functionality.

Could you please tell me how I can automatically update my Terra Station Wallet in Accointing?

Thank you.

I am confused, we do not yet support Terra Wallet auto-tracking?
You can track with 2nd option, but only your transaction on the Etherium Blockchain.

Sorry but I do not see this. If I add a Terra Wallet, Accounting will only add a manual wallet, no option to paste a wallet adress. I don’t see any TVK option under “add wallets”.

That is correct, we do not have an auto-tracking option for the Terra Ecosystem just yet.
Please vote here to show your support that you would like to see this implemented!