Terra Luna Wallet/Ledger Nano S

Hi, apologies if this is a stupid question but I just signed up to Accointing today, so I’m pretty new here. Liking the features so far. I just have a question regarding Terra Luna. I’m aware that the Terra Station has not yet been integrated as a wallet feature. I connect with it using a Ledger Nano S. My question is (for the time being until it becomes a feature) how should I manually add my Terra station transactions? Should I select Ledger Wallet, add Luna as the coin and then my Terra address, and then manually upload an Accointing template with the imported transactions? I’ve been able to extract all my transactions from the Terra station into a csv file already. Obviously there are a number of other coins within the Terra ecosystem, many of which I have received from airdrops and through staking rewards such as $mine, ANC, MIR, and most recently STT. All go to the same address. I’m just wondering how to manually add everything, or if there are any YT videos showcasing this that I can maybe look up? Or if someone can just provide some insight in general, that would be great. Thanks

You are doing it correctly the manual way :slight_smile:
You can also try out this website :slight_smile: Select Luna and put in your LUNA address and select Accointing to automatically get it in the Accointing formate, after uploading the .csv file, classify your transaction in the full data set :slight_smile: