Taxable Gain/Loss For ALCX Trades Way Off


I bought about 10 Alchemix (ALCX) (at roughly ~700 USD ea) in June of this year, and have just sold it to offset my gains for this year (at roughly ~200 USD ea). After selling I updated my taxable gains report and it shows my loss for ALCX is about $22. Although I gained about 4 ALCX from staking I’m still at a way larger loss than $22.

I categorized the staking operations (deposit & withdrawal) as “unclassified” in Accointing, as I found this as a tip in the forum. I categorized the 4 ALCX gained from staking as “staking income”, and the swaps from and to ETH on Sushiswap as “swap”. Besides what’s described above, I did not do any other trading with ALCX. Is there something I did wrong here or is there a bug in the algorithm?

One more thing, whether I specify the staking income as “unclassified” or “staking income” does not change my taxable gains at all. That already seems wrong by itself? This is for USA taxes.

Thanks for your help!

Can you please go to your full data set and search in the top right by that coins and screenshot your transactions for me to take a look?