Tax Report for US taxes - Staking and Income?

I just generated a Tax Report to do my 2020 taxes and all I receive is a “Form 8949” for the “Sales and Other Dispositions of Captial Assets”, but nothing reflecting any of staking income, “earned” coins (through CoinBase) or interest income. Is that a mistake or how your program is intended to function? Is there a way to generate a tax report that captures all the necessary categories that I need to report to the IRS? Thank you

If your Tax Report tool does not give a breakdown of all income categories, then I would like a refund as this is the main reason I paid for your service. Thank you.

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Hello @JitterbugBoy :smiley:
you have different options to download your tax report. “The File” alone and “File with my CPA” ones gives you a full tax report PDF


Thank you! I will give that a try.

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