Tax report empty zip file; Failed to fetch data

I have about 55 transactions known to Accointing, since earlier this year 2021, in about a half dozen exchanges and wallets. About 43 of these 55 transactions occurred in early months of the year 2021, and the remaining 12 in the year 2020.

I just now tried to produce a tax report for 2021. But each time I click “Generate Report”, I get an orange pop-up with the warning “Failed to fetch data”. Then the resulting tax report downloads as an empty zip file.

How do I create a proper Tax Report?

Hi same here, i always get empty reports even if it before writed that 35K are calculatet. How fix?



Even new API Key and secret dont change anything

Hey guys, this is a known bug and are working on it ASAP

good - thanks - good luck

The issue has been fixed, please post again if you experience any more issues :slight_smile:

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