Tax reoprt shows a MASSIVE USDT loss. Where to start?

I have spent the last 9 or 10 days, all day on this and I’m starting to feel like I’ve made some progress.
My tax report is producing the correct gains/losses. more or less.
Except for 1 massive misfire. The report is producing a USDT loss that is 6 times the value of my whole portfolio. I have 10 wallets and 13 exchanges. So it’s a bit of a mess but it’s starting to clear up.
But I don’t even know where to begin to fix this massive USDT loss issue.
As I type this one thing comes to mind. I have Kucoin in my account listed as a ‘wallet’ and not an exchange. My import process has been manual csv with lots of editing. Did it somehow interpret the total volume of trades as a loss? Nothing even close to the USDT loss amount is coming up in unclassified transactions or transfers, which is why I don’t even understand where to begin to fix this.

UPDATE: I found about 6 transactiosn showing ridiculous cost basis of 1 to 2 million dollars.
For example there is an order that is correct $1248 USDT sold for 23,253 VRA but underneath it says
cost basis $770,051 and I did not input that value. It’s in the gray bar under the order. (BTW this is a terrible UI design since it looks like it is relevent to the order underneath since it is separated by a line.
How/why is a tremendous cost basis automatically coming up?
Thank you

We are still seeing some users that have transactions that are affected by the CMC price situation. This applies to all transactions that were executed while CMC was delivering the wrong prices. The price chart & history is already fixed, the affected users will need to switch their country twice (to a country of a different currency and then back to their currency), this will trigger a fresh fetch of the prices.
Here is an example:

If that does not seem to solve your issue, please check for duplicates in your full data set and get back to me :slight_smile:

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