Swapping FIFO Coin Order By Swapping Between Wallets

Say I have two bitcoin in my wallet, bought at different times (let’s call them BTC1 and BTC2 with BTC1 being the one bought first).

Now I transfer one coin to another wallet (I guess this is BTC1 due to Fifo rules).

Now I transfer the coin back to the initial wallet, so the initial wallet has two coins again.

Now I sell one coin.

For tax purposes (and how does accointing handle this): Which one did I sell? BTC1 or BTC2? I.e., was BTC1 “appended” when swapping it back from the other wallet or stayed BTC1 the first, as it was the first when I bought it?

I.e., more generally: Can I reverse the fifo order of coins by swapping them between wallets? How is this handled in Accointing?

If you are transferring your own crypto from your own wallet to your wallet or exchange, this should be considered as an internal transfer and should not change the FIFO (First In First Out) calculation. I believe the timing of the first In would be when you purchased your crypto. I thought living in the USA that FIFO was my only option until I talked to my accountant. The HIFO (Highest In First Out) works out the best for me.