Support providing a fixed ip or range of IP addresses that accointing uses for API calls

A number of exchanges recommend specifying an IP address for extra security on API calls. I have seen a couple of support questions where Accointing says they don’t support this, but I feel security is a must have, not a nice to have. Please look into architecting your system so that it uses a fixed ip address or a range of ip addresses for performing API calls to exchanges. Thanks!

Also note that on Okex it states the following on their v3 API Key page “For even higher security, API keys without IP addresses are automatically deleted if you don’t use them for 30 days. You’ll need to create a new API key if the old one was deleted. API keys with IP addresses don’t expire at all.”

I am guessing this could impact users who set up an API key and sync on Accointing but then don’t login for a month.

Hey! Thanks for the Feature Request! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.

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For automatically deleted APIs, if there is an option to toggle off the time-sensitive API and we will say that in the instructions. Or we will automatically refresh your wallet to keep your API active so that it does not automatically delete.