Staking rewards displayed as "buys" in Portfolio

Staking rewards shouldn’t count as buys.
Either don’t display them or display them using a different color.
When viewing Portfolio > Price, I don’t think rewards should be displayed, only real buy/sell transactions.

you don’t buy anything in common sense but you receive rewards which are delcared as profits and therefore count as legal tax events. cheers

Of course they are taxable but they shouldn’t be displayed as buys in the Price chart.

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Would you prefer us to show a different color for ‘income’?

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TBH, I’m not entirely sure they should be displayed in the “Price” chart.
But if you really deem rewards as necessary, add a toggle to display them with a different color (hidden by default)

What bothers the most is that it changes my average purchase price, which it shouldn’t because I didnt buy. If anything it should lower the purchase price since the recieved amount is “free”.

Hi @sc-236! I work on the product team at Accointing. Would you mind sharing a screenshot with highlights of exactly what you’d like changed? Thank you!

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Almost all buys in the image are actually staking rewards.

Solution #1:

Remove staking rewards from the chart

Solution #2:

@Matt proposed marking staking rewards with a different color.
I’d prefer using a toggle, turned off by default.

P.S. @Nereian you should send a new bug report


Thank you!
Will be sure to include this in the road map
The screenshots are very helpful!

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