Staking on Kraken causes mayor issues in tax report

Hi there,

I am currently filing my tax report and the first results I got were inherently flawed. While there might be more, one of the mayor issues I found was staking on Kraken. Kraken differentiates between staked DOT, KSM, ETH etc., accointing however sums things together as one currency.

I read that there were issues before when Accointing did in fact NOT do that and this seems to be the solution (counting all in one). The issue with that is that unstaking/staking cannot be resolved as internal transaction even though they are in fact identical and don’t show a difference of >6hrs.

For the moment I resolved this issue by ignoring the transactions but this cannot be a sustainable solution.

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Yea I’ve had to also ignore a bunch of transactions from Kraken due to this, there is no way to assign it as being an internal move within kraken even though the transactions show X ETH out and the same X ETH in again.

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