Staking on Binance.US reports NO FUNDS

When staking on Binance.US it moves your balance from the “Available Balance” to “Unavailable Balance” category/account and Accointing then thinks the balance is zero ($0), because it does not recognize the “Unavailable Balance”.

Please fix this so that my portfolio reports correctly. Thanks!

Hey Yak, I am trying to get to the bottom of your issue:

Does this article apply to you?

If not, do you think it is because Binance is simply not reporting it in your account anymore (via API) because it is being staked?

Yes, this is a work around. When will Accointing support the staked/unavailable balance or is it a Binance.US API limitation?

I believe it is a Binance.US API limitation because they are no longer reporting it into your account because it is being staked.

Can someone please email us their Binance.US read-only API keys so that we can take a deeper look into this issue?

In the email/ticket put a link to this page and ask for Matt.