SSX stakeshare scam

Hi. Stakeshare just randomly sends anyone a lot of SSX token. Those are not SOMESING token, but STAKESHARE (you have both in your list).
Stakeshare is worthless. But because you have switched Stakeshare SSX with SOMESING SSX, I now have hundred thousand dollar to much in my account.
Please fix SSX, well, remove the token (Stakeshare = 0x9e2d266d6c90f6c0d80a88159b15958f7135b8af ) from your known token all together to avoid people falling for it.

I have a video about this scam coin, ZEPE - Zepe - Scam Coin Alert! - What aboutThrust? GMLU? - YouTube

If the coin is on CoinMarketCap, we support the token.
Is the one on CoinMarketCap a different coin with the same ticker symbol?
Which wallet/exchange are you using where you got this coin?

I see that it is no longer tracked.

But it is tracking somesing, which is a legit coin.

Exactly. It’s mixing both token due to them sharing the same ticker symbol.

Would be great if using the symbol, you could use the contract address. That would make it almost bulletproof to this kinds of scams.

Hey @hack_nug and @username_of_phil can you please let me know which wallet you are using where you received this coin? Is it in your Polygon address?
Please classify scam coins as ignored.

I have the same issue, yes the scam tokens were received at a Polygon address. Marking as ignored does not remove the token from portfolio view so my total is way off.

*edit: ignoring removed from portfolio screen this time :woman_shrugging:

Matt – I also have this problem with crap coin Stakeshare being interpreted as SomeSing in polygon wallet due to them sharing a ticker symbol

You can view it here in Polygonscan : 0xaF546230bFf1bd2ABb5e464ed1eABC5D87654910

I believe that I was able to fix the issue. Can you please check? All future transactions should be fixed, but all past ones may need to be manually updated to the correct coin.

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