Some tips for fixing sync issues on Binance

I the past 2 days I have burnt a full 8 hours going through transactions on binance vs accointing to find a couple of reconcile errors. Drove me absolutely nuts today!

I eventually found the errors and fixed them.

Here are the issues that took so long to find. Hopefully others do not have to go through the frustration that I just went through.

Accointing, please can you add a note onto your website to help / warn users of this issues?

  1. Binance API does not track any fiat deposits. They must be added manually into Accointing

  2. Binance API does not track any direct crypto purchases from a cash balance because they are not counted as a trade and they must be added manually. See the screenshot below.

  3. Airdrops / random distributions from Binance are not always added into the balance. These need to be checked as several / most were missing in my Accointing profile after being pulled in from Binance.

Hope this helps other “Accointing-ers”

FYI you can find the “Buy Crypto History” under the orders section in Binance.

Random distributions mentioned include staking rewards.

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Thanks for this chemicallymark, it is helpful.

I’m currently struggling with the binance rec. and can add that the binance Conversions aren’t in the api either so if you use this feature maybe think again for the sake of having to enter the conversions manually.

1 Like does not send via API your referral rewards, either. (Binance US, I do not know about Binance)

It seems the reverral rewards are also missing for Binance. I’ve used a Binance invite link where I got 10% back and only 10% goes to the my friend who invited me. In my CSV export (“Generate all statements”) I can see that I got 10% back for all trade fees and I think these are the reverral rewards which are missing in accointing. Am I right?

Feel free to extract my answer to a dedicated thread or tell me, if I should create a separate one.

Correct, this is a Binance issue, not an Accointing issue. Accointing can only read data that is sent via API or manually added.

Thanks for sharing the information! I just discovered those same issues. You can check my finding in this post.

So how to fix it? Did anyone try to use manual export files instead? I wouldn’t even know what files to use since Accointing wants trades, desposits and withdrawals. But the Binance produces buys, orders, trades, transactions and deposits. At least. Without the orders export file, there’s no way to tell what trades have been canceled/failed, for example.

Both the API and the exports are such a mess, I’m really surprised that Accointing is actually able to produce any numbers…

I fill in the missing API data with a manual entry of the missing data on my personal account.

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In order to help converting the Export Buy History.xlsx to Accointing_template.xlsx Format, I have created on online converter tool: Converter: Binance Buy Crypto History to Accointing


Thank you so much for that, @od123 !

Does not work for Binance US, only normal Binance as of now. Just checked. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matt. But that takes a lot of time when you trade frequently. I’ll check od123’s convertor, it looks promising!

Also, one note regarding the File import for the Binance exchange. For trades, instructions suggest to use the page to get a trade history export file. I was trying to import that file to Accointing, but it always told me, that it’s an invalid file, even though it was looking correct.

Then, while exporting the most recent trades from the Binance today, I noticed, that when you export history longer than 3 months (which you don’t get immediately, but you get an e-mail when it’s done, it takes up to about 30 minutes to generate), that’s what I was doing initially, you get the export file in the CSV format. But that’s not accepted by the Accointing.

But when you export the trade history shorter than 3 months, you get the export file immediately, and it’s in the Excel XSLX format instead. And that’s what Accointing accepts. It would be good to mention that in the instructions, I guess. Took me quite a long to realize.

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Thanks heaps for posting this. I had heaps of errors showing in my Binance import and I had no idea what was going on. :persevere: Nearly gave up on Accointing. But if it’s just a matter of manually adding the fiat deposits/withdrawals, hopefully that will solve my problems!

I wish users were alerted somewhere about this.

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Later this week we are pushing an update to make this more clear when adding wallets :smiley:

Check it out! It is more clear now when you add a wallet or exchange which is supported and what is not. This is mainly due to the exchange not sharing info through their exchange:

The handling of binance data is really a big problem. Especially the poor handling of commission fees, which i know is not handled by the API. I have to touch each trade and edit the trading manualy.
I see two possible solutions:

  • add a fix parameter field for the percentage of the comission fee during adding the Binance Exchange to the wallet and reduce the fee of each trade with this percentage
  • allow the import of the all statement report (wallet->transaction history-> generate all statements) additionaly, which seems to be the real source of truth.

sincerly Alex

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Consider this:

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