Some tips for fixing sync issues on Binance

I the past 2 days I have burnt a full 8 hours going through transactions on binance vs accointing to find a couple of reconcile errors. Drove me absolutely nuts today!

I eventually found the errors and fixed them.

Here are the issues that took so long to find. Hopefully others do not have to go through the frustration that I just went through.

Accointing, please can you add a note onto your website to help / warn users of this issues?

  1. Binance API does not track any fiat deposits. They must be added manually into Accointing

  2. Binance API does not track any direct crypto purchases from a cash balance because they are not counted as a trade and they must be added manually. See the screenshot below.

  3. Airdrops / random distributions from Binance are not always added into the balance. These need to be checked as several / most were missing in my Accointing profile after being pulled in from Binance.

Hope this helps other “Accointing-ers”

FYI you can find the “Buy Crypto History” under the orders section in Binance.

Random distributions mentioned include staking rewards.

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Thanks for this chemicallymark, it is helpful.

I’m currently struggling with the binance rec. and can add that the binance Conversions aren’t in the api either so if you use this feature maybe think again for the sake of having to enter the conversions manually.

1 Like does not send via API your referral rewards, either. (Binance US, I do not know about Binance)