Solana wallet support

this is a great tool, thanks for posting it!

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Thanks for that, the format of the export looks great!

Does anyone also has the problem that the export only shows the rewards since last delegation? As I withdrew tokens a few times I had to undelegate and delegate again. I checked, and explorers can still show the full rewards history (e.g.

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Great tool but it shows a possible lack when it comes to multiple tokens inside one transaction (“inner instructions”) cases.

See following Post as an example:

Sample Case:

One “single” transaction looked from the Solana network view, but which has multiple tokens embedded for the same destination address. (using SolScan)

This feature only can be used if you want to transfer multiple tokens at once to one and the same address. (Solana feature!)

The export tool sadly ignores additional tokens embedded.
Not accointings fault, but the export tool. (as it seems, pls. dbl. check @ acc staff)

It’s not just 1 Token transfered in the following TX case. There are 3 tokens transfered at once to one address. But sadly only the first one is used by the tool, all additional ones are ignored.

The export tool should check if there are more then 1 token transfered throu one solana tx, and then loop throu the additional count and make an csv entry for each one (if tokens > 1 existing).

As I have mentioned and again, since this is important, take notice that this is “one single” transaction to one address, but where 3 different tokens are embedded at once. SOL specific, but cool and fee saving :wink:

1.1 will be taken by the tool
1.2 not and will be ignored (meh)
1.3 not and will be ignored (meh)

PS: Just reporting if you guys are working, or plan a native solana network integration. Take notice of this. Will help your devs to save aftermath work and costs :smirk_cat:

Plus… only a matter of some time when other nets integrate such feature and other fast envolving crypto related things too. This is just the beginning. Maybe good time to hire additional skilled crypto nerds, or even “just” interested in the matter, but 110% engaged fulltime devs, and bound them to the own house(?) The earlier the better and when still (more or less) available! They don’t gettin’ cheaper and more available tomorrow. :joy_cat:

We are working on a system of our own, this is just what we can offer for now until we can fins a good API of our own to track these transactions.
Can you please email about your concern?

If you know anyone looking for a job, they can learn more about our open positions here: Blockchain and Crypto Industry Jobs at Accointing

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This workaround works really well @Matt. one thing though is a bit distracting, I have NFTs on my account. Since NFT are normal Tokens on Solana, they are displayed in the “unknown currency” overview.

This dialog, displays the whole token address which breaks the whole layout of the page. I suggest two things:

  • Do not show to long token names (if someone needs this information, do it via overlay or so)
  • Tokens must be ignoreable as NFTs (isn’t that an issue on Etherium as well?)
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We are working on a new system that should take care of tracking NFTS and manually adding tokens in about 2 months, but that could get delayed if we find bugs during testing.
This should take care of your issue :slight_smile:


Dear @Matt can you please explain how to import the report manually into Accointing? I see no option to do so. If I add an Exodus wallet, there are some coin options but SOL is missing. If I just try to add a SOL wallet, there is no option to do so. So how should I do this, please?

Please use this website for SOL for now -

It will be really nice when you guys eventually release your own native working solution for Solana.

Stake.Tax is greatly lacking in what it exports to the Accointing formatted CSV file. I have a lot liquid staking tokens like MSOL and SOCN. Their transactions show up in the initial Stake.Tax dashboard but are never exported to the Accointing formatted CSV file (Only my SOL token transactions are exported). This, among other transactions that are not exported, mean that a lot of my activity on Solana is still not properly reported on Accointing yet.

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Yes, we plan to :smiley: But it will take some time. is not a solution.

  • Import of even small files takes forever
  • Token have wrong balance or completely missing, and not just small token even Solana. This is on wallets that have no magic applied to, like staking. Actually the staketax website show correct balance so either their CSV download is broken or whatever accointing does with the csv is wrong, my best guess here is that the csv import job is only partly completed.

Correct @ERC20 this is not our solution, this is our temporary solution, which is why I have not closed the post yet :slight_smile:
We plan to do our own implementation at a later time :slight_smile:

Will “A Later Time” be before or after the taxable year ends?

At this time, Accointing does not want to give a time.
We did hirer new people last month to make things go by faster and smoother.


At this time, please use - You searched for - The Hub on


October update:

I would also be interested in seeing this implemented soon. Currently, missing solana support is the only feature holding me back from going premium indefinetly ( workaround is ok, but maintaining different solana accounts is tedious)

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