Software not tracking transfers to MetaMask and can't manually correct + Farming

Hello There,

I transfered coins from a Cex to MetaMask and then some of the coins out for farming. The coins transferred from the Cex to MetaMask on another network (not ETH or BSC). I have the network added so I can manually add the coins that go to that network in MetaMask. However, Accoining doesn’t allow to me edit the transaction so it says I “withdrew” the funds and incurred a tax liability for the withdrawal. How do I:

  1. Edit the transaction history so it says I transferred the funds, not withdrew, in a way that also preserves the data for the coins so that Accointing can track the short/long-term tax history correctly?

  2. What is the proper way of reporting farming LP rewards in Accointing to ensure proper tax application?

Thank You!

  1. Go to your full data set, find the transaction(s) and then select the drop-down arrow and select edit.
  2. Managing Liquidity Pool Transactions

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