So many isuess in Webbrowser and iOS App / Sehr viel Fehler im Webbrwoser und in der iOS App

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There are so many translation and design flaws that I find it hard to trust Accointing when it comes to taxes.

On the website, the felt 10-20% English buttons in the German version of the site do not affect the function but give a very sloppy picture. One can only hope that in the calculation of the values is proceeded with more care.

The errors in the iOS app go as far as the element is partly outside the visible and achievable range, values are rounded to where they should not and if it is to be at average price in the chart view and the acquisition cost, this value is displayed incorrectly with each coin.

Please don’t get this wrong. I really like Accointing for its simplicity and therefore also paid for the Trader package. The fact that bugs are not fixed for so long makes me quite worried.

Es gibt so viele Übersetzungs- und Designfehler dass ich Accointing nur schwer vertrauen kann beim Thema Steuern.

Auf der Webseite beeinträchtigen die gefühlt 10-20% englischen Buttons in der deutschen Version der Seite zwar nicht die Funktion geben aber doch ein sehr schlampiges Bild ab. Man kann nur hoffen das bei der Berechnung der Werte mit mehr Sorgfalt vorgegangen wird.

Die Fehler in der iOS App gehen soweit das Element teilweise ausserhalb des sichbaren und erreichbaren Bereichs liegen, Werte auf gerundet werden wo sie es nicht sollten und wenn es sich bei Durschnittspreis in der Chartansicht und die Anschaffungskosten handeln soll wird dieser Wert bei jedem Coin falsch angezeigt.

Bitte versteht das nicht falsch. Ich mag Accointing wirklich für seine Einfachheit und habe deshalb auch für das Trader Paket bezahlt. Dass Bugs so lange nicht behoben werden macht mir aber durchaus Sorgen.

Hey! First of all, thanks for your feedback. As we speak, we are currently looking into addressing these different issues. Thank you for your patience.

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I can only agree with this. Imports from several exchanges are completely broken. Although in reality I have lost around 10k euros, according to accointing, there was a point in time where I had a portfolio of 500.000 euro. This is absurd and cannot be trusted at all. I highly doubt all the countless bugs will be fixed before tax period.

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No comment needed…

We have a bug report already listed for issues like these:

This post is from may 27. !?!? Why does Accointing need so long to fix issues for paying users?

Incorrectly rounded maybe…

As of now our resources and energy are on other things and will get to this as soon as possible. We also had to get more information and had to recreate the issue.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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This is all the information I can give you in this way without endangering my privacy. Is there actually no support that is not publicly visible?

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@Matt you’re really asking us if we know who could fix this?! You realize we paid 1000 euro for your software which is pre-alpha version at best? We are neither your head hunters nor your beta testers. Either fix this buggy software suite or give us our money back and stop selling it, until it’s properly fixed!

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No, this is just our way of letting you know that we are hiring, we have people who can fix it.

@LOCHER yes you can send the private information to our email :slight_smile:
In the email, please leave a link to this page :slight_smile:

It worked for a few days but now it is broke AGAIN!

Thank you for the update :slight_smile:
We are working on improving a few things right now :slight_smile:

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Thank you we are looking into the issue. Our staff are just looking into other issues at the moment.

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