SLT - Smartlands Network Price not Updating

Since now a week or two the price for SLT (Smartlands Network) does not update in my Wallet anymore.
It used to work before that. Please fix as this obviously yields wrong portfolio performance :frowning:

It doesn’t update at all or it doesn’t update as often? The more you use, the more frequently it updates

It doesn’t update at all. An when I click it the chart doesent load. Also it does not shor 24h change in the dashboard.

@Rod I’m facing the same problem since days / some weeks. The SLT Smartland Token price is not updated. The current price is around14 - 15 €. The Open, High, Average, Close, Low, Change on the “Price (24h)” tab is “N/A”. Same issue exists for the website.

Hey guys! Thanks for letting me know. Let me get back to you on this tomorrow. I believe CMC had a bug from their end that might be causing this. Let me get more information and get back to you. Just so you are aware: the more you use, the faster it updates.

I’ve had this issue for weeks as well. I’m now having it with several other coins too (GO, BONDLY, PTF, GSWAP, PAINT, SWINGBY). As time goes on it seems more are breaking and none of them are getting updated.

Just so you are aware: the more you use, the faster it updates.

I use every day, several times per day, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

@Rod any news here. This really sucks.


@Rod I know you’re busy but do you have any news? This bug is annoying.

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Any news @Rod ? Tomorrow is long gone.

Hey guys! We are still looking into it. I apologize for the delay but we are addressing other concerns at the time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hey guys! Would any of you guys be so kind to send a screen recording to us so we can double-check? You can send it via Telegram or here via DM.

@K8b3se @hagohi I was able to fix this issue. There are TWO (maybe even THREE) SLT tokens to choose from. I went back through my SLT transactions, searched for SLT, picked the first one that showed up in the list, and saved each one. The one I’m using is with the circular logo, not the linear graph looking one. No more stale price!

Are you sure its smartlands network? These other slt tickers are different tokens imo

@hagohi I can confirm what cryptoo said. If you add a deposit of 100 SLT as test data you will see that the price is correct for the SLT with circular logo.

@Rod This is a bug. The correct SLT logo is the one with the blue graph. Can you please fix it, so that the price is updated for SLT with the blue graph logo too.

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There are more than one SLT asset on CoinMarketCap
However, I see the issue, there are specifically 2 Smartland Networks on Accointing.
We will take a look.