Single coin price "stuck"

I have a single coin in my account right now MIDAS that has been reporting a price of 2.10 for over a month now. It’s not the most volatile coin but currently it’s sitting at 2.86 according to CMC. Is there a way to get this coin’s value “unstuck”?

CMC link to coin is Midas price today, MIDAS to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

We pull our data from CMC, did you purchase the coin before it was available on CMC?

I did purchase the coin before it was on CMC, but it was updating the price until a few weeks ago where it got stuck at the current $2.10. I have purchased many coins before they’re available on CMC and this is on the only one that has a price “stuck” issue.

I will have our team look into this bug.

Looks like they did something, because the price updated today!

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Yes, we fixed the issue, thank you for reporting it!

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