Showing coin prices in the market of the App in $


I would like it if it could be possible to show the coin prices in the market of the App in even when the main currency is €. The reason for that is that I like to view the coin prices in but the portfolio values in €.

Hi @olli! You can change your token preferences by tapping on the More button at the bottom of your app and then going to Settings. Tap on Select currency and you will see all the supported FIAT currencies.

Hi Rod,

i know that.

In the settings i have set EURO as FIAT currency because i like to view my portfolio in EURO.

But when i look at the market i like to see the quotes of the different coins and tokens in a different currency. There i would prefer US DOLLAR as currency because most of the exchange and tolls use the US DOLLAR. So it would be nice if it would be possible to use a different FIAT currency for the market than for the portfolio

Aaahhh…sorry for the misunderstanding @olli! Hopefully, more people will like this feature and we can prioritize it.