Show where your holdings currently are

This might be on here somewhere as I mentioned it a Telegram group.

It would be useful to select a coin and see in which wallets and exchanges it is currently held.

Save a bit of hunting around.

Also good for the Web App - maybe even better there

just realised I have misspelt my username :laughing:

You mean our Holding Period feature @UrbanCphort?

That looks like the thing. Why haven’t I found that? How do I see that?

It’s in the desktop version @UrbanCphort

not the web version? where do I download that from?

Hi @UrbanCphort! It’s here: Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software (only on Desktop)

sorry, is this an installable app? As I can only see the web link and the mobile apps.

Aaaaahhhh @UrbanCphort! It’s only available for paying users. Apologies for that. I should’ve checked.

Aaaaahhhh @Rod I am a paying user :grinning:

Aaaaaahhh it’s here: image :smile: Please do let me know if you can’t access it @UrbanCphort

no, I just have the Report option

Are you based in the UK @UrbanCphort?

yes I am in the UK. Is that a problem?

So the feature is very useful for countries like Germany and the US were the holding period of assets helps the user understand better what the possible taxable output will be and help them optimize their taxes. You still have access to this feature if you switch the country in your settings. However, is not recommended as it might alter your classifications. Let me get back to you on this one tomorrow if you don’t mind @UrbanCphort

Thanks. I understand that.

I still think a general “where are my coins at the moment” function would be very useful

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Hi @UrbanCphort! Confirmed with Product: if you switch to the US on the settings page, you will have access to the Holding Period feature and it won’t mess up any of your transactions.

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I would also appreciate a way to see in which wallets I have a coin from inside the mobile app.