SHIBA incorrect value

i have used Binance API but Both fiat and btc value for SHIBA are wrong and i have also hard time removing the transaction from the full data set. i have tried to delete and also ignoring them, but shiba wrong portfolio allocation still shows up

Hi! When you ay wrong, are you comparing it to Binance price? We use CoinMarketCap price for the cost basis.

ok so for example,
i have 16300266 shiba

on coinmarketcap they have a value of 0,0025 BTC or 100,74$ at a price of 0,000000000154 BTC or 0,000006151$
on Accointing they have a value of 0,163000266 BTC or 100,74$

so the price in USD is correct but the price in BTC is really incorrect. i think your systems can’t handle very small decimals of value. this happens not only at SHIBA but also at others “shitcoins” with very small price in BTC
i have had the same problem with CATGE

I believe ELON is also having this issue. We have a bug report for that.

Have you fixed the issue?

For now, consider can switching over to USD view, or whichever fiat currency you have set as your default. This is a lower priority bug as it affects fewer people.
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