Shib token not visible

Hello, I can see all of my coins/tokens except my Shib (ShibaInu) tokens in my portfolio.
I used to be able to see them until the major bug happened. Everything came back to how it was before except the Shib (ShibaInu) tokens. Thank you for your help.

Is an issue still present?
May I know what exchange/wallet you are using?
Can you describe the glitch that happened to you in more detail?

Hello, I am using Binance. After your general issues, my Shib coins disappeared from my portfolio, now they are back but only a very small portion of my Shib holding is visible.
Before your issues, I was able to see my entire position in Shib.

At this time, we have a fix for Binance issue and are in the phase of testing them. When it is fixed, I will ask you to check again to see if this is an issue that we have already fixed or not :slight_smile:

Are the issues fixed for you guys?

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