SGB Songbird/Subgame (same ticker) is causing bug in API

Hi, there is a bug in my API which is showing Subgame SGB instead of my actual tokens Songbird SGB. I have tried manually fixing this but the API keeps overriding it. Can you please rectify? (See attachment) #SGB #accointing-updates Screenshot (105)

Hey Craig, what wallet is in that you are using?

This is what I can offer:
I can provide a fix for specific wallets.
When I do this, you will have to manually change the past transactions, but the future transactions will be the correct coin.

Hi Matt,

The wallet/data is coming in from Coinspot API. I contacted them and they advised they don’t have subgame SGB listed (only Songbird SGB) so it must be a fault at the accointing end.

Appreciate your help.



Problem has now been fixed. Thank you!


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