Several sh*tcoins - how to deal with "unknown currencies"?

I have several lowest-cap coins that will never be listed on coinmarketcap. They are shown in the list of missing currencies. In the transaction list, they are all lumped together as “unknown currency”.

How can I label them manually? I would put in the name and price for purchase and sale myself, but the system does not let me do this.

Without these coins, the reports are obviously incorrect. What can I do?

Would like to bump this question and see if Accointing has plans for this issue?

Ideally if a coin would never be listed on CMC, it’d be nice to be able to create a coin and be able to estimate our own cost basis.


Dieses Problem ist ja nicht nur bei Sh*Coins problematisch sondern auch bei Exit-Scams.
Ich habe z.B. ein ICO im Portfolio wo am Ende der Zeichnungszeit die Homepage verschwunden ist. Ich kann die Kosten aber nicht verbuchen.
Am einfachsten wäre es, eine eigene Datenbank oder eine extra Auswahl mit frei eintragbaren Coins und deren Gegenwert!

Hey! We can add those currencies for you if they are available in cmc.

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@z0m consider voting for this as well.

They are not - that’s the point of my question

If they are not on CoinMarketCap, then Accointing cannot add them for now. Consider voting for the post I shared above.
For now, I would add the coins as a comment to the post that I shared above.