Sever Error at Kraken Sync generating massive Missing Funds

Hi Support-Team!

I´ll stress this issue here once again, as it turns out to fully undermine tax reporting which definitely lead to huge problems with the authorities in Austria.

2 days ago I synced Kraken → this lead to tons of Missing Fund errors at several EUR-order transactions. Just as posted by other users here in the forum, I also think the key problem is that several transactions of spending EURs (mostly orders I think) are duplicated. This leads to a massiv loss of EUR funding. And this of course triggers a huge difference between real Kraken funds and those registered in Accointing.

Please help us with this error as it is almost impossible to fix it manually.


I have reported the devs to the Kraken issue.

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A fix is being deployed right now, it should prevent new duplicates.

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Thanks! I tried to update. Still not working. Is the deployment already live?

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