I cannot get the app to stay on GBP for currency it keeps defaulting to USD please help to fix

Hi @LB9! I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I wanted to ask you: are you on iOS or Android?

Apple iPhone so ios on this platform

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It is the same for Android too.

Hi @Rod is there a fix coming soon as this is quite a fundamental bug in the software.

Thanks Al

Will be addressing it today in our priority meeting

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Hi @Rod
The bug was mostly fixed after the server maintenance, last week ( think that’s when it was) all apart from the indian Rupee which would display nonsense ( see attached screen shot)
Sorry I have taken ages to report this but Dad stuff you know!?!
Cheers Al.


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Hi! No worries. Totally understand. Regarding your concerns with the Indian rupees. We are aware of it and trying to find a fix for it. Glad to hear that the rest is working fine. How about you @LB9? Are you cool with closing this issue?

Hi @Rod,

You miss understand, the problem was fixed for a short amount of time. It has now broken again. I can select GBP or any currency apart from Rupee and get US dollars.

Rupees don’t work at all.

Hey! Yup. We will be working on it this week. Hopefully we will have a fix ready at the end of the week.

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Hi Rod,

I have added some more screen shots of the difference in the app ‘account’ screen logged in and not logged in.

As you can see the app seems to work as required when not logged in.

Once logged in to their account the user faced with the mess you can see.

I am sure that the app working in USD ONLY is fine for the Americans but my accountant does not work in USD so this bug offers NO incentive to purchase the services that Accointing provide.

To say that this bug is a fundamental malfunction is an understatement and does Accointing a great dis-service.

Cheers Al.

Hey! I really appreciate the feedback and screenshots. Forwarded your message to out dev team to help us out figuring this out.

Regarding our services, the portfolio tracker is only part of it. I really hope that you have a better experience with taxes and out desktop dashboard.

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