Semi-Duplicate Transactions on Coinbase Import (all involve XLM)

Dear Support,

I am having issues with apparently duplicate entries in my full data set. All of them are Coinbase-internal conversions between different coins. In each case they involve XLM on one side of the transaction (7 times on the sending side and once on the receiving side), while the other side varies. The result is one transaction which looks correct, plus a second one that only mentions the XLM side (identical timestamps and amount) but the other side is listed as unknown receiver (or in once case: unknown sender).

The respective transactions pairs all look like the following (the top one is the apparent duplicate here):

A full re-import from my coinbase transactiosn does not clear this up. Any recommendations on how to proceed?

This is the 2 time when this issue occure,I ignored one from the duplicate transaction until this will be resolved.

yes, please ignore one of them :slight_smile:

Read the following article:

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