Scam token in my Metamask wallet inflates my portfolio

I found out today that I have in my Metamask wallet (had no idea) a token worth of millions of dollars (it’s all a scam). Even if I hide it in my Metamask wallet the portfolio value of Metamask in accointing is inflated (about $9 millions). I tried to ignore or delete that specific transaction (some airdrop), which does the trick, but as soon as I refresh the wallet it shows up again. I can’t get rid of that scam token. I’m not interested in paying taxes for over $9.000.000. So what can I do to make Accointing show the correct balance? Thank you

OK, never mind, I found my answer by experimenting. Instead of deleting that transaction, I just had to ignore it. That way, refreshing the wallet doesn’t bring up again that huge value.

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I’m not sure if you’ve just ignored that one transaction, but if you have then another alternative is the Review > Unknown Currencies > Ignore option to ignore that entire currency (i.e. continues to works even if they send more).


Yes do as Wobble says, I hate scam coins!

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