SCAM ALERT❗ - email Impersonations

Hello there,

With great service comes great responsibility! Since recently, we’ve been informed that a phishing website has started targeting our users, asking them to pay additional fees or transfer some of their coins to a scam wallet.

If you see a website posing as “Acciounting” asking you for a so-called “FINRA” fee, please report it to: The same goes for all other scams you encounter, such as scam emails from people with @gmail addresses posing as our employees.

Please note that we will never ask for extra money from you, nor will we ever ask you to transfer your coins to a wallet!

We’re currently working on resolving this issue, and we thank you for your patience! Moreover, we sincerely apologize if this scam has caused you any inconvenience.

Finally, please note that this phishing attempt is a highly unsophisticated scam. We still are and always will keep your data safe using the highest encryption standards possible.

But help us protect you, and don’t ever send your coins to scam wallets posing as our company.

Thank you for choosing!

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Here is an example of a scam:

Here is another example of someone impersonating me :rage::