Sample Tax Report for 2022 shows negative short term gains

I’m not sure what’s going on but the Sample Tax Report for 2022 shows that I have negative (-$1***) short term gains.
How is this possible? It’s 2022/01/01 and I have no transactions for today in my Full Data Set. I made some loss sells yesterday (2021/12/31) at 12PM noon EDT but I already saw those losses take effect on my 2021 report.

Either attach here or DM me your full data set for all trades in 2022.
Maybe you had fees or a smart contract sold coins or something?

Never mind @1fuzzydot I just found the bug report, this is a known issue, our system is counting trade made on Dec. 31 as trades in 2022. We will fix this ASAP!

Would you be willing to send us the tax report that you received for 2021? As our bug report says that it only appears in 2022 and NOT in 2021. I want to make sure there is no issue here.
If so please email and tell them that Matt sent you.
Or if these trades do not appear in your 2021 taxes, then we are already working on it :slight_smile:

Thanks! I haven’t bought a 2021 package yet to actually test it out, it was more of a guess based on the 2021 Sample Short Term Gains changing. I might be wrong about the losses being reflected on the 2021 because I was testing out different taxing strategies (LIFO, HIFO) at the same time.

I am experiencing the same issue…sales on 12/31 are counting towards my 2022 reports. Any update on this issue or is it still a pending fix?


The issue has been fixed! Please print a new tax report :slight_smile:

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For LIFO, FIFO, HIFO, and Single and Multiple deposits - see the solution on this post:

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